What Else?

Not tired of me yet? You can find my articles elsewhere on the web:

Bookanista: An interview with Farhana Gani. Interesting ones are surprisingly hard to come by, and her questions were both interesting and intelligent. Ellen Hawley: Hard-earned love.

The Bookseller: What difference does it make if you write for a lesbian audience or for a mixed one? 

Bookshop.org: Is the novel dead? Not to the GLBTQ+ community. You’ll find a few book recommendations here and a few paragraphs about why they matter.

USA Today: ‘Divorce Diet’ author Ellen Hawley puts uplifting spin on splitting

Books a la Mode: Guest post: Are the characters in The Divorce Diet based on real people?

Kensington Hobby Reads: Carrot and pineapple cake recipe (a good recipe, if I do say so myself)

Anglotopia: Tea as a secular religion in BritainExploring some of Cornwall’s ancient monumentsTen tips for driving in Britain as a tourist

We Said Go Travel: The lowdown on high tea: eating in BritainExcerpt from The Divorce Diet

Mend: Excerpt from The Divorce Diet (not the same excerpt)

Long Awkward Pause: Intercultural misunderstandings in the dog world

Tales from Null City: On UK beach holidays

Moon Child: Comparative racism

Expat.com: Interview

And my long-neglected web page has a few essays and excerpts from my novels: From the Mind of Ellen Hawley


23 thoughts on “What Else?

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  2. I stumbled on your blog via comments from another and I just love it. So much in fact that I immediately sat down with a nice cup of tea to read it all. I have no doubt I will shortly be buying your book on US Amazon, although I should probably warn my husband first if I am sending it to our US house so he doesn’t think I’m making suggestions for weight loss and the end of our marriage. I do hope one day to achieve a similar level of humour and insight with my blog when I make the reverse trip over the pond. Of course that would involve actually writing rather than drinking tea and reading much better blogs all day!

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    • I couldn’t help expecting your comment to end with the tea all over the keyboard. Sounds like everything survived intact though. I’m glad you’re here, and glad your keyboard’s still working. Thanks so much for the compliments. I just came back from browsing your blog and it makes me want to go kick something that you and your husband are having to battle the bureaucrats just for the right to live together on the same continent.

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  4. “British humour” was how I found you. You are one funny lady, Ellen. Yours is about to become the fourth, and maybe final, blog that I am going to follow. I can’t handle more than that and still read and write and do the washing up and laundry. I love your style! And you’re not even British… Juliet

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    • Thanks for that. I know what you mean about putting a limit on how many blogs you follow. Real life is out there somewhere, making a nuisance of itself. I’m glad I made the cut.

      And I’m fascinated by the search terms that lead people here. The latest one is “good guys refrigerators.” I have no idea what they were looking for or why somebody’s algorithm dumped them here.

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    • I’m officially retired at this point. Before that, I worked as an editor. I’ve also taught writing, driven cab, worked in a candy factory, and lasted four hours as a receptionist. Among other things. I did work on an underground paper in the sixties. It was terrible, but it was the sixties, and–well, it was terrible. We were young and didn’t have a clue what journalism was about. And I worked on or wrote for a couple of community papers, which were more respectable but no better, really. At this point, I can cobble together a decent article, but nobody much wants to hear from me. Without blogging, I’d be hanging out on the street corner getting into trouble.

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