A Recommendation

I just read a post on speaking with an accent on Not Another Tall Blog, by Angie K., and I want to recommend it to you.

Yeah, it’s true that we all have an accent of one sort or another, but when you’re the possessor of one that stands out, suddenly you don’t just have an accent, you have An Accent, and that changes things. Her post makes me want to write about the issue, but it’ll take me a while to catch up with that. In the meantime, do take a look at what she’s written.

21 thoughts on “A Recommendation

  1. Wow – thank you for sending us to that post. I have realized – reading blogs of immigrants and ex-pats – how little I understand about their emotions and loyalties, and how hard it is for all of us to find common ground for sharing countries, cultures and religions. Her piece made me sad, and gave me much to think about.

    On a lighter note – as you know with our regional accents here in the States – we can have some funny experiences across state lines. I wrote a humorous piece awhile back called Tomato Tomahto and the comments from my readers made it one of my favorite posts so far.

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