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I keep promising myself that I won’t post any more links to me-related posts on other sites, and I keep making a liar out of myself. Partly because I’m at least as vain as the next person, partly because I want to promote The Divorce Diet–I really do love the book and I’m doing any number of absurd things in the name of promotion, so why draw the line here? But also because other bloggers have been generous in giving me space on their blogs, and I want to offer them some visibility in exchange. So whatever I may have told you about not posting more links? I lied.

Here’s a new link: Rachel Carrera runs a generous series of author interviews, and mine’s only one of many. Her blog is varied and interesting, ranging from writing to cats to autism and far beyond. Hope you’ll check it out.

5 thoughts on “Link to an Interview

  1. Congratulations! I read the interview and it’s nice to know more about you, and more about your writing. Interesting to learn something about editing your own writing. I’m glad I think the same way, even though I do copyedit my own writing. Looking forward to reading your book! I just received my 3rd blog award (Sisterhood of the World Bloggers) and wanted to nominate you, but know you’re an award-free zone site. Just saying, I wanted to!

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  2. The whole blog concept has to be a bit ‘look at me’ and then there’s your aim to use your blog to promote your books. So don’t worry. The shameless plugs are the ones that aren’t interesting to read.

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