Hamburger extra: what’s ground beef?

Okay, all you British burger cookers, here’s what you need to know: Ground beef is mince. I called it ground beef because I thought that could be understood in at least two versions of English. Ha. Goes to show what I know. J. called this morning to ask, and I’m glad she did or I’d have gone merrily on thinking I’d been clear. Sorry, everybody. Mince.

9 thoughts on “Hamburger extra: what’s ground beef?

  1. So Britons eat ground beef pies (mince meat pie)? Is that like a meat pie but ground instead of chunked? There’s something in jars over here that’s called mince – but it looks like it has raisins in it. I think if I travel there, I’ll just go with the fish.

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    • Mincemeat pies were once made (I believe) with mince–translation, ground beef–but aren’t anymore. They’re made the same way, more or less, American mincemeat pies are made, with raisins and a bunch of other stuff you can’t identify by the time it’s in the pie. That’s the stuff you see in jars. It’s also the stuff that shows up around Christmas, even in the States. In Britain, you can’t escape them at Christmas. They’re everywhere. They chase people down the street.

      Mincemeat pies do have suet in them, and suet is meat fat (I’ve never investigated, so I don’t know any more than that) but you can also get a vegetarian version, which must be vegetarian meat fat. Have I confused you sufficiently for one day?

      The fish is made from fish.

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