Caption contest: a post-Easter special

Welcome to the first (and surely the last) ever photo caption contest here at Notes from….

My March 25 post about stolen Easter eggs (sorry, I had to embed the link; it’s a law of the internet) included a screamingly irrelevant photo of our neighbor J. But I’d better let you see the photo yourself:

Screamingly irrelevant photo. J. with Moose. I'll stop with the cat and dog photos soon, but everything else I've shot lately is overexposed.

Screamingly irrelevant photo. J. with Moose.

After it appeared, J. went on Facebook and suggested a caption contest. So this is all her fault.

You should know before you leave your captions in the Comments box that we already have a winner. In fact, I declared it the winner when it was still the only entry. That’s how contests work around here. It’s J. regrets asking the plastic surgeon to “enlarge these puppies.” It comes from J. from New Zealand, who is not to be confused with our neighbor J. from Cornwall. You can tell them apart because only one of them has a dog in her shirt.

But let’s not focus on who gets to win, okay? It’s about the experience, as we were all told when we were eight years old and limped over the finish line last, bleeding, and covered in mud.

Or substitute some equivalent experience. The minute someone says, “as we were all told,” you just know it won’t apply to you, right? In the spirit of complete transparency, I wasn’t told that either. The phrase hadn’t been invented yet when I as eight. We’d barely gotten around to inventing language.

But please, all you strange and lovely people out there, send me a caption anyway. Because it’s that kind of photo. Because we’re that kind of crowd. I’m not sure what kind that is, exactly, but I’m very sure it’s the kind we are.

48 thoughts on “Caption contest: a post-Easter special

  1. The contest that was over before it began? You gotta love it! I’m not entering because I think my entry would be a trifle below the belt. In deference to grown-ups as opposed to “adults”.

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  2. Wait. The contest is over? You’ve already picked a winner? But you still want less than stellar caption? This is way too confusing…especially for a Monday. This caption thing is a great idea-you should do it again…but with a prize. You know, to make it exciting/enticing. Just an idea…;)

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