Refugee camp in Calais

Refugees in the Calais camp are going hungry. I don’t like using this blog for fundraising, or to talk about politics (as opposed to making fun of politics and politicians, which I love doing) but this sounds like a crisis. So no jokes today. Sorry.

The French authorities have been trying to close the Calais camp for some time, and one of the actions they’ve taken is to close down its restaurants, including one that fed unaccompanied children. As if that wasn’t enough of a problem, the number of refugees keeps increasing while Europe dithers about what–if anything–to do them. This puts an additional strain on the kitchens that are still operating. To cut a long story short, they need money.

The Refugee Community Kitchen writes that it needs to double its food output. “Conditions in the camp are abhorrent and the team at Refugee Community Kitchen strive to ensure that everyone who wants it can at least receive one large, fresh, nutritious, hot meal every day.”

If you can make a donation, they have a fundraising site that I think will accept various currencies. Some people I know are also using this site to send sleeping bags and other much-needed gear to the camp directly. As far as I can tell, this one only accepts pounds.

For a glimpse of what the camp is like for children, take a look here.

10 thoughts on “Refugee camp in Calais

  1. I travel to France via Calais regularly and am aware of this crisis…over 200 hundred unaccompanied nippers, many of whom have relatives living in the UK…heart-breaking that the UK isn’t grasping the compassionate straw and bringing them here. I donate money, send clothing, watch and wait all the time. Truly believe the UK border should be in the UK, not Calais despite what far right thugs here think. When will the Brits learn/appreciate the difference twixt refugee and economic (with no job to go to) migrant?

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