Asian hornets: an update

Remember me making fun of the hysteria over Asian hornets? Well, C. wrote to tell me that one had been found in Somerset, and since I got her email a nest has been found in Gloucestershire. It’s the size of a pumpkin. Or it was before it was destroyed.

That is, I admit, big enough to hold my attention. But the hornets themselves are not the size of lobsters. They’re smaller than British bees.

They really have crossed the channel, though, and they do pose a threat to bee colonies. C.’s husband is a beekeeper, which is why she knows about this, and why she could tell me how to protect a beehive: “I particularly like the suggested baits to put in traps,” she wrote. “As in France, ‘a dark beer, mixed with 25ml of strawberry syrup and 25ml of orange liqueur has proven to work well.’ “

You can set that out for the hornets or for the beekeeper, at your discretion.

The Independent, which reported on the newly found nest, quotes the Deputy Director for Plant and Bee Health as saying that the hornets “pose no greater risk to human health than a bee, though we recognise the damage they can cause to honey bee colonies. That’s why we are taking swift and robust action to identify and destroy any nests.”

So yes, they are a problem, but no, the world isn’t ending. Yet. And if you’re losing sleep over them, try the recipe above. It’s worked well in France.

11 thoughts on “Asian hornets: an update

  1. That recipe probably makes the hornets drunk and docile. Maudlin, at best. Lamenting how much better they had it before that cruel twist of fate came and knocked their house down…..I am feeling maudlin just thinking about it. Perhaps I will imbibe some of that concoction.

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  2. Sorry… I’ve been so utterly busy that I haven’t kept up with blogs. We’re trying to do a last push to get the new windows in and smoothing out the steep driveway (which was quite scary) before the rainy season. Just wanted to send you this link for expat voting in the upcoming election while I still had track of it:
    There’s also a site that Bernie (or friends) that lists progressives who are running on lower ballot slots. You do get to vote there, too, don’t you? Perhaps helpful if you’re not keeping up?

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