42 thoughts on “Understanding the UK election

  1. Hilarious! And very helpful, too. My favorite line: “And the people said, Not another one.” I think that sentiment is pretty much universal now, no matter where you live.

    I remember watching an election analysis program the night of the US presidential election where one of the analysts commented on who he felt would run in the 2020 election! I think my exact remark, spoken loudly at the television was “&%$^^%#T%!!!!!!!”

    Fortunately, nothing was in my hand at the time. One of the other analysts then said, “Let’s get through this one first, [whatever his name was].”

    Whew! My blood pressure dropped a bit then, and I went to sleep thinking Hillary Clinton would be our next president, little knowing I would wake to a nightmare.

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  2. Wonderful ! Those of us over here in Ye Former Colonies hath no such things as “snap elections” (Oh Snap !) but these doings doth give a glimmer of the light which shineth !

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    • Hey Pit, WP corralled this into the spam folder. Did you send it twice accidentally or repeat the comment because the first one didn’t show up? A lot of your comments seem to be going into spam lately–and not because I want them there.


      • Hello Ellen,
        I don’t exactly rememebr what I did then. I think, I repeated it, but with a different wording, hoping that it would not be considered a spamming attempt if it wasn’t exactly the same comment. But apparently not so. Anyway: I’m happy you found it.
        From what I experience and hear from other bloggers, this problem seems to become more frequent in WP, and – as usual – WP seems to be either unable or unwilling to do anything about it.
        Here, after an initial exchange of messages with one of their “happiness engineers” that made me hopeful, things have kind of fizzled out. Frustrating, but I’m keeping on it. Just now I’m compliling a list of which of my browsers works with which blog. I’ll send that to him and then see what he can do to help me.
        Have a great time,

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        • I’m not sure it had to do with repeating the comment. WP seems to be dumping you into spam quite frequently–and you (and several other people) often end up in the pending folder without a notification ever showing up in my inbox. I’ve learned to check more frequently, but it is a problem–and not one of your making.


          • Well, according to what that happiness engineer told me, repeating a comment with the same words, even if I use a different browser, can land me in the spam folder. The Akismet software is programmed that way. The same: if one [like I have sometimes done] puts too many links in a comment, this then is treated as spam.
            My problem, though, is that sometimes my comments on other blogs don’t even go into the spam folder, but disappear into the electronic nirvana directly. So these people never have a chance to know that I commented. And then, even if I end up in the spam folder and they find and “unspam” me, that is only for that one and only comment. There is no way to get off Akismet’s spammer list once you’re on. Plus: if they “unspam” me and comment, I don’t get a notification in my email as I normally do when someone replies to a comment of mine. Bl**y Sh*t!
            The only good with all that: only a very few “good” comments land in my own spam folder on my blog. But I have also taken to checking more frequently.

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  3. I didn’t and don’t follow at all, and yet the night before the election I saw only one ad for Jeremy and it made me cry. But I’ve always been known for being easily charmed. This fable is terrifying. It reminds me of Slovenian politics often. It’s same old everywhere.

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  4. I think the crucial info is how people behave when they are drunk. Do they unleash inner demons, fears, inadequacies, do they harass, do they whine, do they protest, slam into things, vandalise, steal? Do they wander around on their own, contemplating life? Jump into rivers? Drive? Discriminate – now that they dare? Hit those closest to them? Weep over sports? Hug their mates and cry their hearts out? Want to discuss the most private issues? Want to know about yours? Declare love? Apologise? Throw up and drink some more?

    Or simply go to bed?

    Can you tell I’ve got lots of observational experience? Not Slovenian for nothing…

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