Another thing I can’t let you miss

September is Urology Awareness Month. Today is September 26 and I just found out about it. What a waste. Think of all my unaware urologizing earlier this month. Think of all yours. Make up for it, people. Drink some water. Drink tea, coffee, beer. We have a lot to catch up with.

36 thoughts on “Another thing I can’t let you miss

  1. Take heart. According to my “Obscure Holiday Handbook” (yes, there really is a book with that title and I do own one), October is National Vegetarian Month (you can surely get behind this, Ellen). Perhaps of less interest, it is also Eat Country Ham Month. But wait, there’s more: October is also Listen to Your Inner Critic Month and National Toilet Tank Repair Month. I swear I didn’t make any of these up. Looks like a busy month ahead….

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    • What a wonderful, useful book. And how well thought out. Just imagine having National Toilet Tank Repair Month coincide with Urology Awareness Month. And National Ham Month coinciding with National Vegetarian Month. Somebody’s got to be planning this. And laughing their ass off.

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  2. Probably drinking a touch too much wine here… Oh well! Here’s to urology (seriously… awareness is a THING?) I mean, it’s an important function, but I’d lean toward it being kind of automatic, without stressing all that much with awareness. Really!
    Sorry… I think I need to be aware of emptying some of that wine! :D

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    • I don’t know if awareness makes it better. I’m sure there are people out there who’ll swear that anything’s better in the full light of consciousness. I’m not convinced, but hey, I’m just passing on the news.


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