Drugs & British politicians, part 2

I missed what you’d have to call the punchline to the story about Michael Gove’s drug use: It’s not that the candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party (and with it the prime ministership) used cocaine even while scolding London liberals for wanting to legalize drugs, it’s that as education secretary he enforced a policy that put lifetime teaching bans on teachers who were caught with drugs. And defended the policy even after admitting that he’d put the stuff up his own nose.

It’s also that as justice secretary he was in charge of the prison system where people convicted of the same crime he committed were serving their sentences.

What does he have to say about it? “All politicians have lives before politics. Certainly when I was working as a journalist I didn’t imagine I would go into politics or public service. I didn’t act with an eye to that.”

In keeping with that, we’re amending the laws: Drug use will only be illegal for people who plan on becoming politicians.

So far, the news–if it is news–that Boris Johnson also used drugs doesn’t seem to be damaging his campaign that way Gove’s admission is hurting his. Ditto the assorted other candidates.

I’ll now leave the Gove drug story alone. Unless, of course, it gets even more absurd and I just have to update you.

57 thoughts on “Drugs & British politicians, part 2

  1. I see you have your own share of… “stupid” politicos.
    A world-wide trend I’m afraid.
    But please, please, not Boris “Judas” Johnson.
    Anyone but.
    (In all fairness according to the last election, Nigel Farage should be designated Premier.)
    God forbid.

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  2. Lifetime ban is extreme.

    Thanks for the update.

    This information makes him even worse.

    I never used coke either, or weed. Have used a lot of prescription drugs for anxiety, depression, etc. starting in my thirties. Before that I self medicated with alcohol. I miss the alcohol. A lot can be said for it. But then the side effects are not good. Now I take Prozac and all alcohol does us give me a headache.

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  3. Thank you for explaining the full extent of Gove’s hypocrisy to me, being a teacher once upon a time, was already enough for me to thoroughly dislike the man. The Tory leadership competition was very depressing, all the candidates are making wild promises they can’t possibly fulfill (there’s still a hung parliament, & the EU still won’t reopen negotiations, guys) it is the 2016 campaign all over again!! Only worse.

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  4. And while this race to the bottom feeder goes on, Pompeo is promising to intervene to stop Corbyn coming to power….what’s he going to do? Send in the Maccabees? Or just rely on the Murdoch press which seems to be doing a good job on that front already…

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