Take Your Cat to Work Day

June 22 was National Take Your Cat to Work Day. I’m not entirely clear what nation that applies to, but it’s probably the U.S., since no one involved seems to remember that other nations exist and might be running on a different schedule. I’m American, so I get to say this: We do tend to forget those things.

Whoever’s nation we’re talking about, though, we’re (as cab drivers liked to say back when I was one of them) a day late and a dollar short, but I don’t see why we shouldn’t celebrate anyway, wherever and whenever we may be. Take your cat to work, friends. Don’t tell him or her that it’s the wrong day. Cats don’t care what the calendar says.

This is Fast Eddie on top of the drying rack, not caring what the calendar says. 

Do it especially if you’re working from home. And if you’re not–well, we all know that cats don’t like to go anywhere they didn’t decide on themselves, so just bring your work home and offer up a few treats in honor of the holiday.

And have a wonderful Take Your Cat to Work Day. From all of us here at Notes from the U.K., which has a wide-ranging, multi-delusional staff of one.

And a cat.

47 thoughts on “Take Your Cat to Work Day

  1. Take your cat to work?

    Something is wrong there and it is the singular form of the word cat. How about take your cats to work? Better yet, how about take your barn cats to work?

    I am not sure how many barn cats we have – but I am more than sure they would be better off at work than in the barn – and during the Covid shut-down, no one is at work, therefore it will be months before anyone discovers them.

    Don’t worry about the cats not having enough to eat. These are barn cats. They have special powers.

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    • If you have barn cats, plural, then you don’t need to take them to work: They’re hard at work making more cats. I once stopped off to see some people who had what could easily have been a hundred barn cats. The people weren’t home, but the cats came out to see us. The only way we could leave was for one of us to pick cats off the tires and the scare cats out from under and behind the car while the other one backed out and floored it. Anytime I try to understand a multiplier effect, I remember those cats.

      They do indeed have special powers.

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  2. Where my daughter works they make it a habit of celebrating every “National … Day”, there was no mention of this. The website says their mission is to bring together all “National … Days” from all over the world, so I’m not convinced that this is a US “National” day.

    I do know there is a company (US Based) to whom you can pay a fee (varying about) to have your “national” day listed. The more you’re willing to pay the more they’re willing to advertise it. For the right amount of money you have have it declared for your city, county (parish), state, or across the nation. They’ll publish it in papers, radio commercials, TV ads; heck, for enough money they’ll even have it carried as part of news broadcasts.

    Isn’t capitalism wondermus?

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    • Well, let’s say that it never ceases to amaze me. Is that vague and diplomatic enough to make everyone happy?

      I think there must’ve been a time when national days really were proclaimed by national organizations, if not necessarily a national government. So National Canned Food Day would be proclaimed by that august organization, the National Canned Food Board. And we would all contemplate, with slack jaws, the wonders of canned food and rush right out and buy some. And if we didn’t actually do that, at the the board’s member companies would think they’d gotten something in return for their dues money.

      These days, though? Hell, just anyone can proclaim a national day. I tell you, it’s madness. We’re descending into anarchy.

      My anarchist friend would tell you (a) that this really doesn’t qualify as anarchy and (b) that it would be a step forward if we did. But even though I’d agree with her on (a), I do think cats have an essentially anarchist nature.

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    • This is the problem with humans. They tend to not ask, they just take. So now that you’ve asked the question, maybe it’s a good thing we were a day late. We couldn’t do it this year and by next year we’ll have forgotten all about it.

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  3. I would love to bring Clove to work however I’m not sure how appropriate it would be to have a cat running around an operating theatre haha. It would be interesting to see if she had an impact on patient recovery though.

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    • I could, um, yes, see a problem or two there.

      “Clove, leave that scalpel alone. Clove! Bad cat!” Etc. (Great name, by the way. And I apologize for implying that she’d be anything other than perfect.) I know I’d love to have her encouragement if I were recovering. As long as she’d stay off the incision.


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