Bring Your Dog to Work Day

June 26 is Bring Your Dog to Work Day. This seems to be a British event, although the website I found doesn’t say so. The clues are: 1) A picture of a dog named Winston, 2) a reference to rescuing dogs in London (although there’s also a reference to rescuing some in Asia, which discerning readers will notice covers a larger area than London), and 3) a URL. Once you get past all that, your guess is confirmed by a British phone number in 3.25-point type at the bottom.

This is Moose, who doesn’t need to go to work with anyone else.He has his own job, keeping the vandal hordes from breaking in, even when they’re disguised as neighborhood cats. They don’t fool him.

You’re welcome to mark the day wherever you are. Especially if you’re working from home. As Jane Bernal pointed out on Facebook in response to my Bring your Cat to Work Day post, with social distancing and all, shouldn’t we have been celebrating Bring Your Work to Cat Day?

We should have. So even if your dog likes to travel, even if you’ve gone back to work, call in tomorrow. Explain that it’s Bring Your Work to Dog Day. You’re staying in.

84 thoughts on “Bring Your Dog to Work Day

  1. I work from home, so every day is bring your dog to work – or bring your work to dog – day. It’s also bring your tortoise to work day and bring your chinchilla to work day here. At various points in the past other animals – including cats – have been involved in the whole being where I’m working thing too. Now, if I could only get them to contribute to the workload while they’re here, I’d be all set. Unfortunately though, the only assistance they offer is in reminders to take regular breaks, especially our Westie, who will throw her ball at my leg repeatedly until I go play fetch with her for a while if she thinks I’ve been sat down too long.

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    • So the Westie’s in charge of staff morale and well-being. Now you just need to find appropriate roles for all the rest of them so they can do what they’d do anyway but call it work.


      • The Westie’s in charge of the staff’s physical well-being, but the tortoise – being a good listener, and willing to have a few quiet medative moments with you whenever you need them – is more suited to ensuring the mental well-being of staff. The chinchilla can be that member of staff who’s always seeming so enthusiastic about new ideas – no matter how bad they actually are – that it helps keep everyone else eager to work on them. As for the Cavapoo… Well, I’d put him in charge of providing lunch, except he’d probably just eat everyone else’s share along with his own. He does make a great alarm system though, so maybe I’ll put him in charge of security. Of course, I can guarantee several false alarms from the Cavapoo, the chinchilla is nocturnal so may be too busy sleeping to show enthusiasm for some projects, and the tortoise is known for randomly deciding to dig in for a nap at odd hours so also may not be available when needed. But other than that it could work.

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  2. I forgot to say the other day that I did once take my cat to work. Although I’m allergic to cat hair, I’m even more allergic to having mice in the house, so I once owned a cat. I took her to work when she was on a course of eye drops that had to be administered four times a day. Ironically I was working from home at the time, but I had to go to the office for a day, so she had to go with me. Fortunately, she loved long car journeys and was happy to stay in her cat carrier as long as she could see me. She was a very needy cat. Fast Eddie would probably not approve.

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    • No, he wouldn’t. Not at all. He hates car trips, hates cat carriers, and hates the vet, which is where he ends up when cars and cat carriers come into his life–and where he’s going to end up tomorrow morning for his vaccinations if he doesn’t get wise to me and make himself scarce.

      We have a friend in Minnesota who’s so allergic that he couldn’t even come in the house when we were between cats. He made me aware that the problems are real.

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      • When I got my cat I spent at least two weeks sneezing, wheezing and weaping, then it eased off and I was fine. My allergies are more unpleasant than dangerous, apart from one, which is an allergy to bee stings. I do my best not to upset bees.

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        • Ah, well, maybe Louis was just happier sitting outside at our place. Maybe he was asthmatic, and an allergy on top of that was more serious. I didn’t question it. These days, I’ve almost gotten used to not inviting people in, although it still feels horrible and rude, but back then it seemed even more so.

          I will be nice to bees on your behalf.

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  3. Good lord, you just had “Bring Your Cat(s) to Work Day”.

    What next turtles? :)

    I have a better idea, why not “Send Your Dog to Work Day”? Scooter would do a much better job of sleeping through four meetings than I – but then he would be (somewhat) harder on the doughnuts.

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  4. There are too many Days to keep up with but I have added the following to my diary.
    January 21- World Hug Day
    January 25 – World Leprosy Day (the two may be connected in some way)
    Last Day of February – Rare Disease Day (sort of a catch-all)
    March 20 – World Sparrow Day
    May 2 – World Naked Gardening Day
    May 23 – World Turtle Day
    First Sunday of May – World Laughter Day
    July 1 – International Joke Day (should be closely competed this year)
    August 10 – National Deworming Day
    November 21 – World Television Day (a tad redundant in these times surely)
    December 5 – World Soil Day (a dirty little secret if there ever was one)

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  5. Nice to see Moose ! My old beagle died of congestive heart failure last November – the first time since 1973 I no longer have a dog. (I’d been around them long before that, but they weren’t officially MY dogs – where I was solely responsible for them) Several therapy pets have blogs and they are an invaluable comfort to many people.So good for take your – fill in the blank.- to work. Some people I know are quite fond of their bearded dragons and one, Steve, had a rescued python named “Slick” that would rear up and look him in the eye.He said he often wondered what was going through Slick’s mind.

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    • Okay, I know I shouldn’t say this, but what goes through my mind for what goes through Slick’s mind is, “Hmm. Too big for lunch?”

      Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

      I’m sorry to hear about your beagle. They really do tear a hole in our lives when they go. Will you get another dog, do you think?


    • Moose would be the first to agree with you, but on his behalf I’ll look modest and say thank you.

      My partner worked as a family therapist before she retired and generally brought whatever dog we had at the moment to work. There were times that a family would bring in a teenager who looked at my partner and hated her, then looked at the dog (we had a series of cockers, and who can resist those ears?) and melted. I’m glad you can bring yours with you. They make such a difference.

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      • I agree with you. It is better to comment and make connections with people who share the same interests. I love this post alot. I just wrote about kids and animals too. We can really learn a lot from them and we need to teach kids to appreciate and love them too.

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        • I’m amazed at the number of bloggers who seem to consider it a pure numbers game: You follow me and I’ll follow you. Someone left me a comment offering that and when I wrote back to say he should follow only if he wanted to read what I wrote, he left a comment saying, basically, Oh. Right. Never thought of that.

          And then he disappeared. Which is fine, really.

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          • Omw! I totally agree with you. I put a lot of thought and effort into my posts and I know you do as well. There is really no point in following me if you have no interest in what my blog is about.

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