Other People Manage

Other People Manage is a novel about hard-earned, everyday love. It’s about family, about loss, about the pain we all carry inside and the love that gets us through the day. 
It begins in 1970s Minneapolis, with Marge and Peg meeting at the Women’s Coffeehouse. They stay together for decades but live in the shadow of a tragedy that struck early in their relationship. Then Peg dies, leaving Marge to work out what she has left in her life and if she still belongs in the family she’s adopted as her own.
“It is rare that a novel of such quiet observation and gentle introspection moves me as profoundly as Other People Manage. . . . A tender and beautiful addition to the literary canon, and a mirror for LGBT readers.”
                                                                                       – Joelle Taylor, in The Irish Times
“A quietly devastating novel about our failings and how we cope.”
                                                                                 – Patrick Gale
“A story that is painful and difficult at the same time that it is deeply rewarding”
                                                                                 – David Huddle
If you already know about the book, my apologies. The thing is, when you publish a book it’s your duty to pester everyone within shouting distance. If I’ve already bothered you, wear earplugs.
You can find a review here.
If you live in Britain–or within reach of the British publishing world–it’s available in bookstores and online. If you’re in the US or anywhere else outside the reach of British publishing, you can order it from Waterstones (they ship internationally and also carry an e-edition). Or get it from the Evil Amazon.
Sorry not to offer a real post this week. I’ve been meaning to send this out anyway, and I need a short break. Back next week with some form of mayhem.

25 thoughts on “Other People Manage

    • Cornwall’s gray but still beautiful just now. I was at our village shop this morning (it’s community owned) when a guy from London came in–his first time in Cornwall. “This is paradise,” he said. He bought everything local he could get his hands on. I think he figures if he eats enough of it he’ll get to take part of it home.

      I know the feeling.

      Have a wonderful trip, and I hope you enjoy the book.

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  1. Ooohhh, an Irish Times review! Never doubt that readers/reviewers can enjoy reading what others thought of the same book. I hope it gets reviews in the NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, and THE Times of London as well…which reminds me, I don’t know if the Guardian actually reads readers’ tweets, but I want to see what their staff think of it too. Off to pester them.

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    • Do pester them, please! I’ve been hoping they’d review it, but so far not a peep. Ditto the Observer and the Times. I don’t expect anything form the US papers until (I’m fighting with myself not to say “unless”) we find a US publisher. So far, nothing doing. The Minneapolis paper may run something, but only because I used to live there–and the book’s available on Amazon.

      On the positive side, there’ve been some very nice tweets by bookstore people.


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