More about Tax Discs

In an earlier post, I mentioned that starting this month the U.K. has abolished tax discs—little round things that go on the car to prove you’ve paid tax on it. This change was made possible by the infallibility of computers. So yesterday I opened the paper and, guess what? “The DVLA’s new vehicle tax website crashed yesterday owing to the large number of people trying to renew their tax online on the day that paper discs were abolished, with the system relying instead on digital records.”

Old Tax Discs. Photo by Jerry "Woody"

Old Tax Discs. Photo by Jerry “Woody”

I shouldn’t enjoy this so much. Really I shouldn’t.

And, of course, to prove I didn’t make this up I need a link.

DVLA, by the way, stands for Department of Vehicular Lunacy and Associatedmayhem.

12 thoughts on “More about Tax Discs

  1. Ha ha! I did think of you the other night when reading frustrated FB status updates from friends of mine trying to renew their tax discs. :-) Having said that, I must look at the expiry date on mine now!

    P.S. Satisfaction must feel good, right?? ;-)


  2. Wow, welcome to our modern world, right? My dad told me years ago – son, there are two things in life you can’t avoid – taxes and death. words of reality…


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