A Link to Before Sundown

It hasn’t been long since I made jokes about adding an Obnoxious Self-Promotion Page when I created a page about The Divorce Diet (my forthcoming novel, she said with great subtlety). As far as I know I got away with self-promoting without being too obnoxious.

I may be crossing the line now, because you can only be cute about self-promotion just so many times. Still, I’m going to risk it one last time, and after that I’ll quietly add links to the Divorce Diet’s page—reviews, interviews, anything that comes up. At least I think that’s what I’ll do. But before I acquire a dose of good manners, here’s a link to Before Sundown, because Christine Robinson has been kind enough to post an article about me and The Divorce Diet, and I appreciate it.

And if anyone wants to let me know when I do cross the line, you’re invited. It’s information I need.

13 thoughts on “A Link to Before Sundown

  1. Ellen, that’s part of your humorous side! We all need a laugh. Your honesty about self-promotion and crossing the line is refreshingly humble! Hope I didn’t cross that line…It’s me up there, Before Sundown! I appreciate it back.

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  2. Ummm … going out on a limb here, but it seems to me it’s your blog. If you can’t brag a bit on your blog about your own bloody novel, then that’s a pretty sad state of affairs. Of course, all your apologizing for your non-existent obnoxiousness is pretty funny … and I know you like this to be a funny blog … so am I just being a tad slow-witted and missing the catch line here?

    Seriously. Shut up. And well done. And get the bloody thing out into the market already so we can read it. And I am choking on NaNo and am SICK with jealousy over the fact that you get to brag and I don’t.


  3. Christine has written a great post! As for self promotion…..I think it is fine, as long as it is not simply BUY,BUY,BUY! I for one love to know about other people’s creative lives. And in this instance it helped me to find Christine’s blog, so it wasn’t simply selfish self-promotion.


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