A Question about Format

If you’re following Notes, you may have noticed that I just switched the layout so that now you only receive the beginning of the post, along with assorted Link buttons, instead of the whole thing. Or I think I’ve switched it. I’m never sure, once I start clicking various options, that I’ve done what I set out to do. I’d love to know what you think–or whether you care at all. Are you as likely to read the post as you were before? Is it a pain in the neck?

15 thoughts on “A Question about Format

  1. I came to the post from my WP Reader and the whole post came up, so the format doesn’t look any different to me. Perhaps the beginning only thing only works for a longer post or if the post is accessed from somewhere else.

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  2. Yep, you did switch the format. I prefer to see the whole post in my Reader, but then, I read the post in the Reader and don’t go to the blog. Now you made me go to your blog because I decided it was worth the extra click… So it depends on how much you trust your readers to follow the link to the rest of the post, I guess.

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  3. I don’t have any problem with it. Though I read it off my desktop. (I know. Desktop? Who still uses a desktop? The thing is ancient, but it’s better than my old type writer. I can’t get ANY blogs from the type writer! :) )

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    • Um. I use a desktop. It was built before typewriters were invented.

      Which reminds me that I haven’t seen the top of my desktop in months. I really do need to weed the papers. Or just throw ’em all out and see if I actually needed any of them.

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      • I, too, use a desktop–when I want to make a reasonably coherent reply. The 25″ screen helps me notice the glaring errors (most times). And using a full-sized keyboard helps the muse in me–words just seem to flow out, unbounded. Scary, huh? However (and back to the original question), for leisure reading, I prefer my tablet and since our home WiFi connection is iffy at best, the fewer clicks the better (for me, at least).

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  4. You’re detailing with poor eye sight over here in Minnesota. It helps if I can’t see winter. Anyhow, I didn’t know which picture to click for the most recent post – they all look old and when there’s
    a screen full of information (all those little boxes suggesting other formats may they all dry up and blow in the wind) I get confused. Is there a new post here?


    • I’m guessing, from you questions, that you found all there was of the post, which was short. The absurdity hit me after I sent it: I’m sending a very short post to ask how many people would mind if I truncate longer posts.
      Basically, you can hit almost any of the little boxes of blue text. They’ll all take you to the post, although some of them will take you to the top and with others you’ll have to scroll upward.
      I think.


  5. The theme you are using is an older theme but a solid theme, tried and true. Simplicity of navigation is key in keeping readers (or customers on a business website) on your site. My preference is not having to click the extra link to find what I am looking for. Good question!

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  6. Um. Hadn’t noticed, but generally don’t care for the extra click. Presumably I didn’t notice because I was so excited to read your latest offering that I didn’t notice the gift had an extra bow on it? I know when I visit a new blog for the first time, it irritates me to have to choose between a bunch of boxes on the home page. But yours doesn’t do that and in fact the full posts are right there (I just checked). So … whatever. I should just learn to shaddup when I don’t have anything to say.


  7. I never read posts in the Reader (irony alarms going off all over the place), so I won’t even notice this change. I prefer this option as it forces people to visit one’s blog and see all the other goodies available. I’m sure a little extra click won’t stand in the way of your dedicated readers still consuming your offerings.

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