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Thanks to everyone who got back to me about whether the extra click would be a problem if the email you receive only carries the beginning of my posts instead of the whole shebang. The comments were useful, and enlightening, and guilt inducing. Because even though a couple of people said the extra click was a pain in the neck, the number of visits to the blog went up. And the gods of blogdom like visits. I do want to keep everyone happy, but the gods must be appeased. So at least for now, I’m going to keep the opening-only format for emails. I hope you’ll click through to the rest of the posts. And I  hope you’ll love me anyway.

Or–to hell with love–I hope you’ll read me.

16 thoughts on “More about Format

  1. Ellen,
    I’m quite happy with the (new) format. In fact, I like it more. Sometimes, with other blogs I’m subscribed to, it takes a while for e-mails to fully appear, especially if the posts contain many pictures. I don’t really like that so much.
    Have a great day,


  2. I’ve read elsewhere that it’s good practice if you are concerned about copyright or theft of your work. It happens, or so I’m told. You reduce the temptation by truncating your posts. I don’t mind it at all, surfing on through to the site. I actually prefer it.


  3. You did good on those priorities. Love is good, but readers on your blog ARE even better! I had to laugh when I read that last sentence. And I can imagine you saying it in a Minn-a-so-tah accent too! Not that I ever talk like that, eh?



  4. Ooogh! I missed a jolly old blogging debate! I’d say appease yourself here and not the blogging gods because a. it will focus you hopefully on making sure that your snippet is like the drums on an ‘Eastenders’ ending – (being British(?) or at the very least living in the UK you will hopefully get the reference) and b. it shows you your core audience.
    No one (worth having around) is going to turn down fabulosity for an extra click of a mouse.


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