6 thoughts on “More about tea

  1. In my experience, context tells you what is meant by ‘having tea’ and stopping over for tea generally meant afternoon to early evening. It’s rediculous how good tea biscuit are! United’s for me please, tea black… and hot!


  2. A few years ago I worked with Irish and English contractors, there was always lack of milk on site, as you could only order milk with your coffee at the automatic coffee machine, and the fresh milk in the bottle was unproperly used by contractors to make their breakfast with oaths in the morning… .this Irish boss never knew how we diluted the milk bottle with water by the end of the week …lol, I hope he never reads this comment on your blog ;P


      • not on a construction site, they start working very early and when the secretary arrives at 9.00 am they are hungry like horses, making oats and milk in the microwave…not to mention what they ate at lunch: baps with rasher, sausage and black pudding… not available in Belgium, but one of the contractors’ girlfriend brought it on site everyday! Lol!

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