Irrelevant post: new kitten in the house

Since my pioneering use the irrelevant blog photo has been a smash hit with at least one of you and the rest of you are too polite to comment, I’m going to push the boundaries here and add an irrelevant post. This is justified by two things:

  1. When Moongazer left a comment, she asked me to post some kitten photos. In the context, this actually made sense.

  2. A few weeks ago, I wrote about our cat Smudge having been killed by a car and a lot of you sent sympathy and lovely comments and even a poem. So although I can’t write a happy ending, I can share a happy beginning.

kitten. cat. sleeping kitten.

Fast Eddie. He has two speeds, High and Off. This is Off.

Left to my own devices, I’d have waited longer to get another cat, but Wild Thing doesn’t do well with the gaping holes that deaths and departures leave behind, so we now have a kitten, Fast Eddie. And although we still miss Smudge, Fast Eddie’s ridiculously cute, and absorbing in that insane way kittens have. The dog follows him everywhere and licks his ears. She believes she has to stand on him to do this, which is a bit of a problem but at least she’s not a mastiff and he seems to think it’s normal. And who am I to rule on what’s normal?

Fast Eddie and Minnie the Moocher. Sounds like a pool hall, doesn't it?

Fast Eddie and Minnie the Moocher. Sounds like a pool hall, doesn’t it?

We also have one pissed-off older cat. I trust she’ll get over it eventually.


77 thoughts on “Irrelevant post: new kitten in the house

    • Well, mostly they’re not quite, but I went into blogging with a fairly literal idea of how to tie posts and photos together, which promptly fell apart and I just started tossing in photos of the area. At this time of year, I could toss in endless wildflower pictures–in fact, I may end up using them come winter, when we could all use a bit of wildflower gazing.

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  1. Thank you :) Fast Eddie is just adorable! Minnie is pretty damn cute too, though, it has to be said. I am sure your older cat will get over it. She probably just needs lots of reassurance and extra cuddles so she doesn’t feel pushed out.
    I love the description of Eddie having two speeds :D

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    • Fast Eddie doesn’t care yes what anybody thinks, but Minnie’d be the first to agree that she’s pretty damn cute. I’m trying to explain to the older cat that we still love her, but so far she’s not impressed with anything I say. That’s one way to tell she’s a genuine cat.

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      • Genuine cats are always the best variety :)
        Sometimes they find it hard to adjust to change. But she could just be grieving the loss of Smudge :( Just keep loving her, it’s all you can do.

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        • Well, there’s a bit of history there. We had a cat she loved dearly, Big Ol’ Red Cat, who died of natural causes some years ago, and she did grieve for him. I’d never seen an animal so clearly go into mourning. She never much liked Smudge, but she did, at least, get close enough to accepting him to give him a lick or two on rare occasions. I think she’s bent out of shape because we’ve brought a pesky little creature into the house. She’s an old cat, and, um, less than flexible.

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          • Oh bless her. Those licks for Smudge meant she saw him as part of her family even tho he wasn’t her special friend, so she’s probably still feeling his absence. But yes, a new kitten can definitely cause disgruntlement for an older cat. But Fast Eddie will slow down bit by bit. I wasn’t sure Zoe would ever accept our Mitch, but now they eat from the same bowl. But if he tries to play with her, she hisses at him.

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  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! kitten!!!!

    Firstly sorry about smudge :-( we lost our cat in october.
    however we now have three kittens so I understand the fast or off reference!!

    Fast Eddie looks adorable!!! :-D

    (sorry for all the !s kittens make me do that…!)

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  3. Hi Ellen,
    Now this is a fantastically cute little kitten. :) Simply adorable. And about him being having 2 speeds, that reminds me of our “Sister Fidelma” [here, when she was much younger: sometimes we wonder if we shouldn’t have called her “Mrs Dash”. ;)
    I wish you all the happiness that sweet addition to your household can bring you.
    Take care,
    P.S.: Posts and pictures of our animal companions can never be irrelevant!

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    • Cute pictures. She has a kind of wild-eyed look in them. I like Mrs. Dash as a name, although Sister Fidelma’s also good–one to grow into, I’d think. It’d be a tough choice.


      • Well, Sister Fidelma it was when we got her, and Sister Fidelma she’ll remain. As to that name: with the cat we got not long before her, my wife chose “Mr Pickwick”, as she was reading the “Pickwick Papers” at that time. When we got Sister Fidelma, it was my turn to name her, and since I was at that time reading one of the “Sister Fidelma” mysteries, I went for that name.
        Let’s now wait and see if/when she lives up to that name. ;) Hm, what does “living up to that name” actually mean? More like an amateur sleuth or more like a nun??!! ;)

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  4. Ahhh, so we’ve taken it up a step have we? From the irrelevant pic to the irrelevant post! Most impressive. Also, I do believe you’re the first person I’ve ever heard describe their own action as “pioneering.” Rightly so, mind you, I’m not contesting your right to that, just mentioning again, you are the first I’ve found to do so. Perhaps, with all this in mind, you should graduate from the word irrelevant in your blog to the word pioneering! Seems a much more positive outlook!

    Congrats on the new kitty……find that name (Fast Eddie) hilarious!

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    • That’s one of the joys of adding a new animal to the house–arguing over the name until we find the perfect one. The all-time best, I think, was Big Ol’ Red Cat, which Wild Thing came up with. He was, absolutely, a one-of-a-kind big ol’ red cat.

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  5. My kitten, Cletus, is nearly a year old now, and he’s still either HIGH or OFF. Today I had to stop him climbing the wall clock. Who knows what he did while I ran errands. But when he sleeps, he’s so frickin adorable. *Sigh* I love cats :)

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  6. EEP!!!!!!!!!! So adorbs!!!!! He looks like my Wilbur, bless! <3 FYI – out of 20 blog posts I have to catch up on, I went straight to this, cuz it said "kitten"!!! Bless Smudge again, too! I'm so thrilled for you. (Yes, I always get this excited when someone gets a cat.)

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  7. Congratulations to you and Wild Thing on the new addition to your family. Fast Eddie is a cutie pie. Love cats. I had one for many years despite allergies and asthma and being told repeatedly to get rid of her. But, true love was hard to give up!
    Now we have a Minnie sized dog who looks like a stuffed toy and is usually about as active. Her nickname is Doggie Lump. Her usual pose is on her back, getting a tummy rub.
    I wish you many years of fun and happiness with your critters.

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      • People are funny. Hell, I love the Jane Austen quote from Mr Bennett in Pride & Prejudice: “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?” One could argue for ages about whether Austen’s wit was light and amusing or cruel and deliberate. Just the kind of argument I relish, but truly, I choose to be amused by most everything. It’s healthier. (Well, except for those odious right-wingers. There are always exceptions.) But, all of that is another subject, including Jane Austen.


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  8. Kittens – big and small – are simply adorable and appropriate at any time. A new kitten will always be a relevant post.
    Having said that, I think I’m smitten with Fast Eddie. First, it was the name – I mean, it’s perfect – but when I saw those big white paws in the 2nd picture, any possible resistance didn’t have a chance.

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  9. I spawned a cat person. We always had dogs, so I’m not sure how that happened exactly. But, there you are. I love visiting her and being entertained by them for a bit, but not interested in having one of our own. She thinks otherwise and keeps threatening to gift us with a kitten. My son is allergic…he’s my only hope for now. ☺ Van

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    • The dog/cat thing is sort of like religion–there’s just no point in arguing over it. And you can’t control which side your kids will end up on.

      Have you considered working up an allergy of your own?

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