Hopelessly cute kitten pictures: a new page

To appease Fast Eddie’s fan club, I’ve added a new page of hopelessly cute kitten pictures. I’ll add to it once in a while, and as far as I can figure out WordPress won’t send out a notice, so if you need a kitten fix, stop in and see what–if anything–is new.

Fast Eddie, fast asleep

Fast Eddie, fast asleep

16 thoughts on “Hopelessly cute kitten pictures: a new page

  1. Don’t know about the timing, but this almost seemed like a response to my recent comment (yes, it’s all about ME!) So glad to see Fast Eddie featured. Got an email for this one, but yet to be determined if the emails go out for new additions to this “page”. No doubt about it, he is darling.

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  2. Ah heck, just look at that little face. Cats are just the best (I whispered that in case the dog hears). The World needs more cat photos and we are depending on you so looking forward to more Fast Eddie shots ..

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    • I’ll have to. Although she’s closing in on 20 now and doesn’t move around a lot, so most of the pictures tend to look alike. Unless I can get one of Fast Eddie playing with her tail while she’s trying to eat.

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