13 thoughts on “Playing with stereotypes

  1. I liked the last one, about not knowing the national anthem. That makes me definitely not British, because I know two verses of “god save the Queen” by heart.

    I remember an old test in America to catch spies (probably a joke). Ask them if they know the second verse of the American national anthem. If they did they were a spy for sure, because real Americans don’t know it.

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      • To the British anthem or the American one?

        The US Anthem has four verses. I don’t know how many the British one has, but I’ll type the second one here without looking it up (I promise). Any mistakes are evidence that I’m not copying and pasting:
        Thy choicest gifts in store
        On her be pleased to pour
        Long may she reign.
        May she defend our laws
        And ever give us cause
        To sing with heart and voice
        God save the Queen.

        I did a choir tour in college, and we spent quite a while in Britain, and our director insisted that we open each concert with two verses of the national anthem. We memorized it on a bus crossing the Jura mountains earlier in the tour.

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