The Divorce Diet ebook is on sale–again

For reasons that I won’t even try to fathom, The Divorce Diet (ebook only) is on sale again: $4.99 starting on August 29 and ending on October 4.

Somewhere in the depths of my contract, the small print says that I get paid in scrip and good wishes when the book’s discounted, but at this point I’d just as soon get the thing out there so people read it. So if you want a copy and read ebooks, but the beast. I’m happy to see it (or in this case, imagine it) in people’s hands.

And if you happen to follow my Facebook page (something I don’t recommend; it’s so boring I don’t even read it, which is why it almost never gets updated) you will have been notified that it was on sale for an entirely different set of dates. Ignore it. I can’t be trusted with a calendar. I think I have it right this time. But if you see me messing around with numbers, run.

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