Comparative racism: link to a guest post

Sophie McNaughton from Moon Child invited me to write a guest post about the United States and racism. She lives in Scotland and having followed the news from the U.S. had begun to wonder if the country was being demonized (or in her word, demonised) or if what she was reading and hearing was accurate. If you’re not already up to your eyeballs with what I think, follow the link and read it.

17 thoughts on “Comparative racism: link to a guest post

  1. I saw you’d liked me at my blog(not sure how you got there, but thank you) and, having read your guest piece on racism, think we might be on the same bus. Many years ago I was required to fill out a form which wanted to know my race. I, being a smart arse, wrote “human.” Yes, it’s a bit glib, but I notice forms now ask for “ethnicity” or somesuch.
    I hope our bus has a full tank cos it’s a long road….

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    • I’m not sure how I found your blog, but I think you’d liked a comment I left on–oh, some third person’s blog. One of these days I’m going to lose my way in the blogosphere and never find my way home. However I got there, I was glad to have stumbled into it. Because yes, it is a long road and it’s good to have company. I like your response on the form. Ethnicity is a good substitute for race, but I haven’t gotten myself to the point of using it in conversation–or in casual writing. It sounds, somehow, so prim. But maybe that’s just because I’m not used to hearing it.

      When I first moved to the UK, I used to regularly see forms that asked for “Christian name,” which makes me bristle and want to insert an essay on the tiny little box. Now I see “first name,” or maybe it’s “given name,” much more often. I suppose that sounded prim at first to people who were used to seeing “Christian name.”

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  2. Oh my goodness! You. Nailed. It! I’m almost at a loss for words! This piece is exactly what I put up with. The feelings of Trayvon, Tamir, Michael Brown. All of those cases resonated with me. I am going to address it with an upcoming post.

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