Romantic Cornwall

Someone wrote in a comment last week that she’d always harbored romantic visions of Cornwall, and I wrote back (somewhere in this sprawling mess I call a blog) that it’s an easy place to romanticize, even though I’m something of an anti-romantic.

And then on Sunday morning I woke to the sound of a cat upchucking on the floor and thought, What could be more romantic than my life?

Semi-relevant photo: flowers. Romantic, right?

Whoever it was who wrote that comment, I apologize for not remembering and so not being able to find it and link to your blog. It never crossed my mind to post anything about it until the cat threw up this morning, and the comments, much as I love them, are threatening to overwhelm me, so going back and checking them all? Ack. Not possible.

In the meantime, think of romantic Cornwall and the perfect life Wild Thing and I live here.

P.S.: It’s raining.

38 thoughts on “Romantic Cornwall

  1. I’ve always thought of Cornwall, and pretty much the entire of the UK, as rainy and dreary. People sitting indoors all rugged up. Romantic? I’m not much of a romantic person but I suppose that would equate to a lot of comfort in a sense. Very cheery flowers there.

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    • Rainy – yes, but dreary – no. We don’t get a huge amount of rain compared to many parts of the world (such as the Amazon basin), but it can rain pretty much at any time – I think the word “random” describes it well. But the wonderfully varied British landscape can be beautiful even when it does rain. And when we get showery weather (shortish bursts of rain, interspersed with clear periods), the combination of blue sky, clouds and rain-washed green fields immediately after a shower can be breathtaking.

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  2. Mabel, we certainly do have our fair share of rain but interspersed with crisp, clear days when we trudge through leaves and kick them up in the air before jumping in puddles and remembering our ages. In Suffolk, when it is nice, it is incredibly nice and we’ve had plenty of good days this year. As Ellen said in her reply, it’s the price we pay and that’s spot on. We can’t have it all ways.

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  3. Well, since my husband and I visited Cornwall with our 4 kids, I wasn’t really feeling the “romantic vibe” but we all loved it! We did a two week UK trip in June- stayed 3 nights in Marazion with a day trip out to Scilly and had absolutely beautiful weather. I would love to go back and explore more of Cornwall.

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  4. Hope kitty is ok. One of mine pooed in my bed on Tuesday morning while I was still in it and then peed in said bed last night and soaked through five layers. I slept on the couch last night, with an apologetic (I think) cat snuggling on top of me.

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    • Our older cat throws up regularly–she always has–but actually, she’s not well. Her appetite’s diminishing and it looks like we’re coming to the end here. All we can do is tempt her to eat and hang in there with her. But the vomiting? Probably not a symptom. So thanks for asking. What about yours? Peeing in the bed would worry me. In my experience, at least, it’s very uncatlike behavior unless something’s wrong.


      • Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t like hearing about the end of an animal’s life. Please keep me posted on her health. (You have my email). As for mine, it’s because I didn’t clean the litter box for a few days. It happens when I get lazy, and I have no one to blame but myself. Ironically, I was cleaning the box last night when he peed on my bed.

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