British accents: a couple of links

A couple of links about accents need to break out of the comments section:

John Evans offers a YouTube tour of British accents, plus one from Ireland for good measure. And anonymous (good old anon.: wrote some of the best stuff in the English language) offers a good article explaining Received Pronunciation.

Have fun.

17 thoughts on “British accents: a couple of links

  1. Just a note from Pedant’s Corner: Robert Burns (never a Sir) would not have spoken in a Highland dialect since he was from the Scottish Lowlands. Also, the presenter of the video did not deploy glottal stops in her Scottish accents. I am not an expert in other regional dialects so cannot comment as to the accuracy of those. Stepping off my soap box now.

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  2. «Once there was a young rat named Arthur, who could never make up his mind. Whenever his friends asked him if he would like to go out with them, he would only answer, “I don’t know.” He wouldn’t say «yes» or «no» either. He would always shirk making a choice………»

    «Arthur the Rat» read by a Cornish speaker.

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