Things you can blame me for: a link

I seem to have caused Dan Antion, at No Facilities, to write an excellent post about why people in black shoes really do control the world. Or at least about the hiring practices of silly people who have some bit of power in this messed-up old world.

And because the laws of blogging dictate that I have to link back to the post that set him off, here it is.

12 thoughts on “Things you can blame me for: a link

  1. I think it’s easy to talk the talk in any old shoes, especially if they are hidden behind a desk but it’s practically impossible to walk the walk in uncomfortable shoes. At some point, people have to get up and walk away from their desks and THEN we see the truth. NEVER choose shoes to impress, above comfort. That was quite a story and I enjoyed it – thanks for the link!

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  2. Funny post, Dan! Thanks for the link, Ellen. I howled with laughter at “walking like an athlete.” I believe that is a reasonably good desciption of me hobbling in high heels. More than likely, those who have witnessed this rare occurrence probably think that I played quite a bit of field hockey in my time. My saving grace, the pumps were black!

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  3. Love love the black shoe thing. Speaking of accessories and power, I just saw a comedy bit with Zach LongGreekLastNameGoesHere featuring Hillary Clinton. The name of the show is ‘Between Two Ferns’ (It’s a takeoff on serious celebrity interview shows). Zach asks H. what she thinks Trump will be wearing at the debate on Monday. She says: probably that red power tie. Then Zach says: maybe a white power tie.

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