Quotes from politicians who should have shut up

Two quotes from politicians to carry you through the week:

From the Ministry of Mixed Metaphors comes Tim Farron, who was trying to explain why he stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats: “I had bet the farm on our position of Brexit but I was content that if I went down with the ship I went down fighting.”

Once the ship goes down, the fields will to be too muddy to plow for a long time, Tim.

And from the Committee for Resurrecting Dead Authors comes Andrea Leadsom, who was briefly in the running to lead the Conservative Party. In what sounds like a desperate attempt to one-up a Labour MP who was praising women’s achievements, she said, “I would just add one other great lady to that lovely list…and that’s Jane Austen, who will feature on the new £10 note, who I think is one of our greatest living authors.”

Austen dies 200 years ago. Waterstones bookstore jumped onto twitter and asked if anyone knew who her agent was so they could book her for an event.

51 thoughts on “Quotes from politicians who should have shut up

  1. When I saw the title of your post, I was afraid it was going to be too long to read – might even tax the remaining memory on my old computer. But now I see you stuck to UK poliricians, none from the former colonies ! Much more manageable !

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  2. Don’t be too hard on her about the Jane Austen thing. she might have been nervous about her upcoming lunch with Margaret Thatcher. As for Mr. Farron, technically, it is hard to go down with the farm.

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  3. Oh GASP. those are terrible errors. Much like the time I wrote to you that my dog was a superb specimen of the feline sort. I don’t often bumble with words, and when I do, I like to make it spectacular, I s’pose.
    Mixed metaphors and Jane Austen zombies are not my particular field of bumble.

    Imagine Jane Austen living today…

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  4. What made Leadsom’s statement even more stupid was that she said it either the day before or the day after the 200th anniversary of Austen’s death. I am, however, willing to accept that it was a slip of the tongue. Even politicians must have been made to read Austen at school.

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  5. Hi Ellen,
    Darn, I thought this was going to be about another politician that fits this description. I don’t want to say who since I don’t like to reveal my politics. I will give you clues. He has orange hair and orange skin and likes to bully so he fits the description and won’t shut up. Another clue: especially on Twitter. Can you guess… ?

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    • Um, gee, no I’m stumped.

      One thing about living over here that surprised me is how much I’ve lost the day-to-day feel of American politics. It’s left me, for the moment at least, jokeless about it all, although god knows it needs jokes so we don’t weep.

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