Introducing Li’l Red Cat

Introducing Li’l Red Cat, the latest thing in time-wasting devices.


Li’l Red with Minnie the Moocher, who keeps his ears clean and generally convinces them both that she’s his mother.

I’ll be back soon with something more sensible. 

75 thoughts on “Introducing Li’l Red Cat

  1. I had begun to worry – and wonder if I missed a notice you were taking a break. As you can tell from my alias, I definitely approve of this distraction. Sending good wishes to Moose’s recovery and glad to hear that Minnie and Fast Eddie are ok too !

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  2. Oh, Ellen! Mazel tov! Is he named in honor of Big Red? He looks like such a sweet cat.
    I brought home two kittens 6 weeks ago. They are so much fun & tearing down the house bit by bit.

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    • How is it that this smidgen of a cat, who puts no work at all into being a cat but simply is one, gets a better response than my long-winded, much-worked posts?

      That’s not a serious question. Or a complaint, really. I understand that I’m basically furless and decades past the cute stage of my life. It’s just an observation.

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  3. Ohhh, Ellen, he is adorable! And a post about him is perfectly sensible. I love all cats, but I have a lifelong special love of red tabbies, especially males (there is a small percentage of female red tabbies). Never met a red tom who wasn’t loaded with personality.

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  4. I had been told about this new addition Ellen, funnily enough, just after a silent vehicle hummed by as I was having a chat with the owner of a similar new small furry menace of the canine variety, who had just peed on my shoe.
    Sorry, to be clear, that was the furry distraction peed on my shoe, not the owner of it.
    Anyway, lovely to see pictures, good self control in only posting two.

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    • I was hesitant too. Eddie spent a couple of days studiously not noticing that a kitten had moved in. Then they had a standoff or three. At this point, they’re not friends but there’s no hissing or yowling. I think it’ll be okay.

      I also worried when we got Eddie. We had an elderly female, Moggy, who (like Queen Victoria) was not amused, especially when Eddie chased her tail. But they managed to find a way to live with each other.


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