If an email caused you to go chasing my last post and you discovered that nothing’s there, nothing weird is going on. I hit Publish when I meant to schedule it for Friday. It wasn’t ready to go and took it down within seconds, leaving me just enough time for some extensive swearing.

In the meantime, enjoy the meltdown of Boris Johnson’s government.

32 thoughts on “Oops

    • I’m actually enjoying the meltdown. Politically, I think I’d rather see Johnson cling on so that the Conservatives go into the next election with a massively unpopular leader, but on a personal level I’m having a wonderful time watching the ground crumble away beneath his feet.

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      • Oh yes, I totally understand and agree! I myself can’t help smiling evilly (gleefully) when one of our politicians (German or Austrian) get kicked by the press for being stupid … sadly that’s the tragedy in this comedy … the incredible stupidity which comes at the worst time with corona, energy crisis, inflation, war … “and they don’t know what they are doing”

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        • I can’t help wondering why anyone both competent and decent would want to go into politics, at least in these days when corporations are more powerful than governments, the worst (to quote Yeats) are full of passionate intensity, and we don’t have a well-organized popular movement pushing for decency and fairness (a lot of people, yes, but not well organized).

          I sound kind of down, in spite of all my spiteful glee, don’t I? I am.

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          • Yeah … it’s downright frustrating. Real political personalities which actually care about the people they are supposed to represent just don’t exist anymore. One of the few I really thought who cared was Obama. And just look at the big managers of big companies … being brought in for lots of money, they “f…” up, they are being replaced and just take on another highly paid job at another corporation. No consequences. Same with politicians … the now German foreign minister chick “forgot” to add additional income in her tax return, the book she wrote was partly plagiarized (how stupid can one be in today’s day and age to not know how to quote correctly as a university graduate?) and now she is foreign minister? If you or I had done that our butts would be dragged through courts being sued left and right. Decency and fairness … that’s sorely missing.

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            • I don’t know if Obama cared or not, but if he did I don’t think it translated into anything–okay, into much–that was concretely helpful. Admittedly, he expanded health care coverage, but only in a way that kept the health insurance system intact. He did nothing about global warming. It was business as usual.

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      • I completely agree! It would be great to see them go into an election with either an unpopular leader or no leader at all. The meltdown is the best TV I’ve seen in ages.

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  1. Ah ! But now we have the Supremes (as Molly Ivins used to refer to them, RIP) dismantling the Constitution. while, as someone on Twitter said, On July 4 a well-regulated militia took to a roof top and shot up a holiday parade. Indeed. As someone else said “It isn’t one damn thing after another – it’s the same damn thing over and over,”

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  2. I too was hoping he’d stay on to bugger up the next election, working on the ‘better the devil you know’ principle. But yes, what a fun couple of days it’s been! The Big Top has fallen on the ringmaster’s head.

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    • Are you kidding me? We don’t even know how many kids he’s got, and they’re a lot easier to define than blessings.

      Do you suppose he knows how many? I mean, just off the top of his head, without having to send an underling to research it?

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