Sample of Other People Manage now available online

One of the things I hate about buying books online is that I don’t get to browse, which makes buying an act of faith, and occasionally a downright stupid one. So I’m ecstatic to tell you that a sample of my novel Other People Manage is now available online.

Okay, ecstatic’s overstating it, but that’s what life’s like in the virtual world. Everybody who’s posting is ecstatic. And everybody who’s reading is supposed to wish they were. But I am happy about it, and I’m happy to invite you (if you haven’t already read it) to browse and decide whether the book’s something you want to invest actual money in.

Just follow the link.

That ends the commercial section of our presentation. Thank you for your patience.

22 thoughts on “Sample of Other People Manage now available online

    • I have no way to track sales, so I couldn’t watch you even if I wanted to. In fact, if you can get the library to buy it (I know of one person who went on a campaign with his local library), even better. (It’s due out in paperback sometime soon–I think later this year–so the price will come down.)

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  1. I was thoroughly entranced by your opening paragraph and intrigued by what followed. Quality writing. And it’s based right here – how cool is that? On a lark, I checked my local library. They have it! Do you hate me for getting it from the library? How do authors feel about people getting their books from libraries?

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    • I can’t speak for everyone, but I love it. For one thing, if it’s taken out the library will keep it instead of “deaccessioning” it, which means it will continue to be available for people to read. I’m both unlucky and lucky enough never to have made a living as a writer (none of my books have ever made much money), which means I don’t depend on sales to pay for the groceries. Yes, I want them to sell, but even more than that, I want them to be read. I want people to talk to other people about them and pass them from hand to hand. It’s word of mouth that sells books, or so the people who appear to know these things say.

      I do know that in general writers are big-league library supporters.

      So yes, thanks for getting it out of the library. And thanks for wanting to.

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  2. I just returned your book to the library yesterday. A very good read. You have a way with metaphors that I just can’t master (any decent metaphors on my blog usually involve lengthy workshopping that I drag the husband into and he is usually responsible for 97% of any successful metaphor). One that stood out was when you described Marge’s brief bits of happiness as fireworks in the fog. There were others that stood out but my memory’s crap and I can’t recall them right now.
    I also found it interesting that the two main characters as well as the troubled Megan all had names that are iterations of Margaret. Was that intentional? Is there a hidden meaning there? I’m terrible at analyzing literature so if there is you’ll just have to tell me – haha. Anyway, well done on your accomplishment and thank you for the enjoyable trip into your characters’ lives.

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    • The names. Sigh. I noticed that fairly late in the game and thought I really should change all or some of them but by then the names had stuck. It doesn’t mean a thing, although I’m sure some English major could find all sorts of significance in it. And in fairness, no writer’s totally in control of her meaning–at least not if the writing goes deeper than the surface.

      I do remember reading some writer I admired (can’t remember who now–my memory’s more decorative than functional) who wrote basically without metaphors. They’re not everything. It was reassuring, because at the time I wasn’t particularly good with them either. It wasn’t until I gave free rein to my love of absurdity that they began to be possible. For whatever that thought is worth.

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