Celebrating a Bulgarian British Christmas

Since my recent posts were about Christmas in Britain, I should send you to Not Another Tall Blog for a post on what it’s like to keep your original traditions–in this case Bulgarian–when your children are growing up British. Every immigrant has to find a balance between the two cultures they live with, and when you’re raising children in a new culture the issue must be even more pressing.

Angie’s post drew my mind to my grandparents, my father’s parents–Russian-Jewish immigrants who raised eight children in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century–and the decisions they were faced with. There’s a long story there, or may stories, but let’s save them for another day.

Again, happy holidays.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating a Bulgarian British Christmas

  1. Interesting topic, Ellen. My own mother, a German, was determined to raise us as Americans kids and so she did. Except at Christmas when she pulled out all the stops and we celebrated Christmas, German-style. Which meant, to our great joy, opening presents on Christmas Eve, a tradition that continues to this day in my own family.

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