18 thoughts on “British English and U.S. English: a link

  1. Your link is not working, Ellen. Not that it matters, a simple copy/paste will do!
    Do you find it absurd that she wrote the piece or that these differences in the English language are so absurd?

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    • Oh, argh. I can’t do it. Really. Honest. Can’t, won’t, refuse to, would rather eat liver than.

      No, that last one’s a lie. There are limits. But I want to keep a tight focus in the blog, which means not dashing off in other directions. So with all loving thanks, I ain’t going to do it.

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  2. Then there are regional variations within the UK……when I moved to a rural area the other side of the country from the big urban metropolis I grew up in, it was hard enough to understand the accent, let alone the weird words they threw at me.


    • I’m still struggling to identify–or even sort out–the regional accents. It’s funny how Americans tend to think of the British all having one accent. Of course, the British tend to think of Americans the same way, I guess.

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        • Understandably. We don’t compress as many accents into a small place as you do, but we do, most definitely, have regional and ethnic variations.

          I once listened to a group of white women from across the South tease each other about their accents. Northerner that I am, I couldn’t hear the differences, although they were cracking up about them.

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          • I can relate to that, actually. People might think there is only 1 Scouse (Liverpool) accent, but in fact there are many variations depending on which specific area you are from, and some of those ‘areas’ are literally only a couple of miles from each other. I used to be able to identify them – when I lived there, but not now. Now I can differentiate maybe 3 based on broadness of accent rather than any of those subtler clues.


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