Trouble, trouble, trouble

I’m trying to upgrade the site. With luck, you won’t be able to see any difference, but it’ll work better. Upgrading is another word for “it may not be working the way it should.” Hang in there. I’ll have it up and working. Eventually. With the help of someone who knows what he’s doing, because I don’t.

14 thoughts on “Trouble, trouble, trouble

  1. And there we’re suddenly back on .com :-)

    Self-hosted sites are more complicated than they appear at first. actually takes care of a lot of stuff one has to do oneself on a self-hosted site.

    Regarding what you said about mobile sites in the post on the other blog: I use the same theme as you and it is mobile compatible. But you can also activate the standard mobile theme which will show for people with older phones if your main site doesn’t work correctly for them. You do that under Appearance ->Mobile in the dashboard.

    And regarding your comment that hopefully this will fix everything: if it doesn’t, maybe this will…

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  2. So what did you actually do: upgrade to premium? Or go self-hosted? I recently chatted to someone from WordPress support, as I am curious about self-hosting, but don’t want to lose my followers or have to do everything from scratch myself, simply because I can’t. So that bloke assured me that everything would remain the same, even my followers would be automatically transferred to the self-hosted blog. I would still be able to use the same themes etc, but the only difference it would make to me would be that I would be able to use advanced options like plug-ins. Not that I know what a plug-in is, of course.

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