With apologies…

With apologies to everyone who’s already seen it, this is a link to “The British countryside and Winnie the Pooh,” because in a naive effort to make my blog more visible I wiped it off the face of the blogosphere for a day or so, and it’s only gradually fading back into view, so some of you got an email about it and some of you didn’t.

You can’t fade into view. But we don’t quite have a word for that. Think of the Cheshire Cat’s reappearances. Or don’t. It’s not important. And if you’ve already seen the post, this post isn’t important either. If you haven’t, it still isn’t important except as a way to get back in touch.

Remind me never to improve my blog, okay?


10 thoughts on “With apologies…

  1. I noticed your site looked different the other day. Assumed you tried self hosting? I have seen two people I follow try that recently, they both returned to the WP.com side. The other side is best suited to business and corporate I think.

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