17 thoughts on “Shameless plug for The Divorce Diet

  1. Well … the bit in quotes I can cope with as I steadily row my boat up the Amazon. No, it’s the dates June 26 – August 7 that confuse me. Not the dates themselves, I hasten to add. I can cope with dates. What happens to your book before and after these dates. Are we talking about an electronic version of Farenheit 451 here! Or is it like Cinderella’s glass slipper ?
    Anyway … I am going to have a quick look as the title alone THE DIVORCE DIET is so catchy and $2.99 seems very reasonable. All the best. Kris. 😀

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    • Before and after that it’s somewhere between more or less $9 and more or less $13. I should probably have waited until it was actually on sale, but anytime I see numbers my brain shuts down, so I didn’t think about that before I posted it. I’ll try to remember to repeat the announcement once the sale actually starts. So no, it doesn’t disappear in a flash of smoke and pixels, it just costs more.


    • Given the opportunity, I boycott them. They pay less in taxes than the corner store (I exaggerate slightly, I admit, but honestly, it’s obscene) and their working conditions sound horrendous, but their reach is wide, and sometimes they’re the only thing that works. So yes, major.

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