An update on political absurdity

This British American Life has a funnier example of American political absurdity than the one I sent out a little while ago. Follow the link to learn about the paperwork you have to submit if you want to be reimbursed for going to the moon. Because you can never tell when you might need to know that.

And while we’re talking about absurdity, don’t you just love that I provided a link back to my own post, even though I said wasn’t as funny? Anybody want to place bets on how many people will follow it?

26 thoughts on “An update on political absurdity

  1. I guess I just click away on links in a blog post after I’ve read it. I opened both links before realizing I had read them both before and I did remember them as well. Just clicked the links out of habit I guess.

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      • I still struggle to understand how the stats work and what they all mean. Generally speaking though, if the content of a post is one I’m particularly interested in, I will follow the links and am rarely sorry. I’ve been on some fabulous adventures linking from one post to another then finding more there and going on. I acknowledge that, if I make links within mine for whatever reason, not everyone who reads will follow them but I figure if they’re meant to read it they will and if not, at least I tried to make it easier. I do get lost sometimes, right enough, and forget where I started out. ;)

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