51 thoughts on “New posting schedule

    • They’re not, and I should have said a bit more but was too tired to think it through. An explanation is–well, I’m not sure where it is. Either above or below, in answer to DoneDreaming’s comment. Thanks for the thought. I appreciate it.

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    • Nothing worse than a bad cold following a miserable flu. And possibly an overindulgence in self-pity. But Wild Thing and I are still adjusting to what her vision loss means to us, separately and together, and I’ve known for a while that I need to cut back on a good number of things. I’d been thinking for some time about posting once a week, but the cold tipped me unceremoniously over the edge.

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  1. I think everyone should blog in a way that their life accommodates. It should be fun rather than a chore (unless one is employed to blog that is). So, while I shall certainly miss your plethora of posts, I think you are totally sensible in scaling back and ensuring other aspects of your life have enough time devoted to them. I hope you are feeling tickety boo soon.

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  2. Hi Ellen,
    blogging can be very time-consuming. I know from my own experience. So, cutting back on it sometimes is a necessity. I hope you’ll get well soon, and that Wild Thing’s eyes will not deteriorate. That’s more important than a frequent blogging schedule. I’m looking forward to your once-a-week posts, and I’m happy that you’ll still be around in the blogosphere.
    Take care, and have a great advent time,

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  3. You could appropriate my “blog whenever I feel like it sticker/widget” if you like. I’m not sure why anyone would do otherwise. That being said, I hope the adjustments you and Wild Thing need to make shall be as painless as earthly possible. Blessings upon you both.

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    • Unless it’s another of those British/American things, I’m pretty sure it’s a fiddle. I never heard about being fit as a flea, although as far as I know they do seem to enjoy–well, the phrase (and I think it’s a British one) rude health does seem to fit them.

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