Breaking my own rules

Notes doesn’t do blog awards. It says so somewhere in this sprawling mess, and for the most part I mean it.


R. Rieder nominated me for the UK Blog Awards 2017 in the Lifestyle category, saying, “Brilliant description(s) of living in and around civility. And to think we gave that all up to eat turkey one day a year…”

Well, who could duck a nomination like that? I went ahead and filled out a form to enter the contest, and it’s now open for votes.

Should you vote for me? Oh, what the hell, why not? You can do it by using this link between now and 8 a.m. (that’s probably Greenwich Mean Time) on December 19. I ended up entering in two categories because the form allowed me to. And because I’ve never understood what a lifestyle is. Whether Notes belongs in either is anyone’s guess, but you can vote for Notes in one or both. Or you can not bother. It’s fine with me.

Win, lose, or get tossed out for not taking it seriously, I promise not to think this means much. So I’m not twisting any arms here.

R. Rieder, thanks for one of the funniest nominations I’ve read.

26 thoughts on “Breaking my own rules

  1. I don’t see any mention of your blog curing disease, repairing the economy or improving relations and vanquishing enemies. Hardly seems like much of a campaign, at least by recent US standards. Still, I’ll give you a vote ;)

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  2. It snowed today. I watched and gloried in the pleasurable fact that I no longer had to work outdoors in whatever the sky threw down in the form of wet or frozen wet. Instead, I baked Chocolate Crackle cookies. And because it was still snowing when those came out of the oven….I next baked a Chocolate Buttermilk cake with Chocolate Buttercream frosting. There must be a correlation between snow and Chocolate. You think? Put the kettle on…Bringing the Chocolate snowfall windfall to celebrate your entering the parade of all things great and good. I’ve already voted for Notes….sort of had to…if you know what I mean. Cheers! R. Rieder

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    • Oh, you’re the culprit! I didn’t recognize your name. Thanks both for the nomination and for making me laugh. The kettle’s on.

      It’s been spookily warm here the last few days. Not summer, but we don’t really even need jackets.


  3. Rules are meant to be broken, particularly rules of this nature. There comes a time when the right award is prestigious enough for the right work. I wouldn’t turn down an Emmy, for instance.

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