9 thoughts on “A murmuration of starlings: a link

  1. Yes, thanks for posting the link on here Ellen. I’ve enjoyed your writing here so much and it’s quite humbling to find that my attempts are getting attention from yourself and now much beyond my normal regular 3 or 4 readers – who are not all related to me, honest.

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    • Since I’mm one of them, I know we’re not all related to you. Now the other 2 or 3–they could be. I just don’t know.

      Seriously, I enjoyed the post, I know how hard it is to get those pesky little birds to show up in a photo, so I really value what you got there.

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  2. Thanks for the link -I love the photos – what an extraordinary sight the starling community in the sky are. Wonder if there’s a reason known only to starlings, for their murmurings.
    Wish I could see the real thing – doesn’t seem to happen in the Midlands where I live. Too many people and roads ?

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    • Some people believe they’re trading information about what food they found and where. Sounds a bit romanticized to me, but what do I know? The last time we went to see them, when we walked through the trees where they’d roosted the murmuring got a lot louder–they rose out of the trees and resettled. We’d obviously disturbed them. So, it can be a complaint.

      I doubt people and roads would put them off. In the U.S., at least, they’re very urban birds, although I never did see them form the kind of clouds that they do here.


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