British trains and leaves on the line: a link

My recent post about British storms and railroads and leaves on the line set Dan Antion off on a stream-of-consciousness adventure that is–in places, at least–related. And where it isn’t? It’s moving too fast for you to notice or care. You can find it here.

15 thoughts on “British trains and leaves on the line: a link

  1. The power of leaves. Who knew?
    The entire transportation system in London came to a screeching halt…a few years back…when…Wait for it…ready? Set…Go…the wrong kind of snow fell. It was a great day for chaos in The City…and gallons of drink. Not all confined to the tea kind.

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  2. Kids used to put pennies on the railroad track to have the trains flatten them (I heard about this – we never lived near a railroad so I can’t speak from experience) and the railroads were always saying it could cause a derailment, Not a whole roll of pennies – just 1 or 2. I mean, it was long enough ago that no kid was gonna blow a bunch of pennies anywhere but on candy or comic books !)

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