Let’s try this again: the Butter Witch link

Apologies. I screwed up the link to the Beltane/Butter Witch post, then corrected it, then realized that anyone following the link from their inbox would land in the wrong place despite my correction. So here–this time I mean it so much I’m repeating it–is the link.

10 thoughts on “Let’s try this again: the Butter Witch link

  1. During my years in Cornwall – working for the horrible (excuse me) Rosamunde Pilcher (and her son !!!) I was kept in my job as for the so called GERMAN ‘punctuality’ – and the above mentioned correctness.
    Thanks for getting this straight on behalf of all Germany !

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  2. Well that was fun. My grandson is only 3 so I guess I’ll have to hold off for a few years before sharing the delights of the Butterwitch. He does like Kerrygold butter though. I suppose way back when tales like this were a combination of religion and entertainment. Since superheroes vanquishing evildoers seem to be so popular now, I think the Butterwitch should get a revival and duke it out with Spider-Man or one of the other defenders of faith, freedom and the American Way. She could just butter the hero up and fly away. Oh this is too much fun to think about!

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  3. As I missed lunch I am now ravenous for some hot bread with real butter. I have no fire hearth but perhaps best protect my windows and doors just in case that witch is still hanging around ;)

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