The ducks of Britain

What’s life like for the ducks of Britain? I can’t speak for all of them, but–. Okay, I can’t speak for any of them, but I can guess that it’s not bad for this group.  Apologies for having to send you on a wild duck chase if you want to see the photo. I still haven’t figured out how to snatch photos from news stories. What the hell, they copyrighted anyway. It’s worth a click.

My thanks to Deb for sending me the link, which I’d have missed without her.

35 thoughts on “The ducks of Britain

  1. Hilarious, validated by the fact that Eric laughed, too. He is one to rarely crack a smile or laugh at very few cartoons or silly stuff like that… though there’s a glimmer that he may be teachable. (Is that a word?)

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  2. Aagh, this is terrifying! From the perspective of the footballers and beach goers, I mean. Gigantic ducks crashing their holidays. (I’ve always identified with the little guys. It can make life difficult.)

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