Protecting children from English geography

Breaking news: Programs intended to protect children from online pornography and in-head dirty thoughts are filtering out sites whose names include the words Essex and Sussex. Wessex wasn’t mentioned, and I’m not even going to try to explain that.

So there you go. You heard it here first. Or possibly second, since the BBC broke the story. I’d give you a link but it doesn’t seem to be online.

What, you say, an earth-shattering story like that?

Indeed. And I’m sure there’s a conspiracy out there to suppress it.

Screamingly irrelevant photo: What we do on a winter evening

Screamingly irrelevant photo: What we do on a winter evening

33 thoughts on “Protecting children from English geography

  1. Tell me about it. I work at the University of Essex and many of our applicants don’t receive our e-mails. They go straight into their spam folder, as our name contains “sex”. Huh.


    • Okay, you want all the secrets of the household? The dog and this cat aren’t into anything at all, ummm, intimate, but the dog does occasionally hump the other cat, who isn’t visible here, and they do love each other. Mostly platonically, but she does keep trying…. And in case it’s relevant (as far as I can see, they don’t think it is), the dog’s female and the cat’s male.

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  2. When I was teaching I found that the school internet filter banned loads of sites. It was done with the best intentions but meant that sometimes the children couldn’t actually use the internet for research because so many sites were blocked!


  3. Stars and sparkles, Ellen 💖💥😍🎶Somehow you got dropped from my Reader (a pox on WordPress for a number of reasons!!) and all this time I thought, “Well, Ellen’s not blogging because she’s off on book tours autographing her newly published novel.”

    Then I acquire said novel, read it in one sitting, laughing at every other paragraph (exercise jiggling my belly muscles) and craving animal crackers and a baby to spute raspberries at me (I made up that word spute) and discover on the last page that I haven’t seen for a very long time and I better see WTF is wrong and, sure enough, WordPress screwed me over!!!

    I LOVED The Divorce Diet – terrific wit, spark and story!! And this week I’ll make time to scroll through your recent posts because I last left you after a dasterdly road trip where you tangled with your GPS (or whatever it’s called in the UK, but I know it can’t be a word or acronym that ends in SEX!!!)

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    • Damn, I’ve missed hearing from you.

      It seems the days of the book tour are mostly over. I asked about one, prepublication, and my editor said, “Put your money and energy into an online presence.” Which translates to, “We’re not going to put any money into a book tour” as well as, “They don’t seem to do a hell of a lot of good anymore.” So, no, sadly, I haven’t been running around the world signing copies and doing readings. I do miss those days, even with their absurdities, including the reading where only four people and a dog showed up (the dog loved me) and another where only one person, other than me and the bookstore clerk, appeared, and that person was my nephew.

      I love the word “spute.” It fits, somehow. And thanks for the kind words about TDD. It’s good to hear them. Or, well, read them.


  4. Its a sad (to me as an Englishman at least) fact that a lot of our yoof wouldn’t know about Wessex, a beautiful part of the ancient land.
    Personally I think such filters are a great idea, setting them as default level “uberzealous” however, isn’t.


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