Breaking news: Trainy McTrainface meets the public

Official Sweden has a better sense of humor than official Britain. They asked the public to name four trains running between Stockholm and Gothenburg, and when Trainy McTrainface won, they didn’t launch a coup. One train is now Trainy McTrainface.

If you want the back story, you’ll find it here. And a bit more of it over there as well.

We now return to our regularly scheduled midweek silence, but this was too important to wait.

19 thoughts on “Breaking news: Trainy McTrainface meets the public

  1. Neighbour participating in a “road race” of sorts…with junker cars/vans over Oregon Cascade mountain forest roads. Needed a name for the van his team was using. I suggested “Vanny McVanface”. He obviously didn’t understand the importance of the suggestion…and walked away in disbelief. He’s no longer on any “good” list of mine….like the Christmas present one. His loss…

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